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What is Free Oberon?

Free Oberon is a cross-platform integrated development environment for development in Oberon programming language, made in the classical pseudo-graphic style.

Compilation of user-written programs is performed using the “Vishap” Oberon compiler, and the compiled console programs are run in the built-in cross-platform terminal emulator. The compiler uses the Oberon-2 dialect, but is configured for the Component Pascal type system (for example, the size of INTEGER type is 4 bytes).

The IDE includes a cross-platform module Graph for graphics programming. It is built on top of SDL2 library.

Free Oberon is free software and is shipped under GNU General Public License version 3 with source code. It can be compiled under Windows, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. Windows version contains a precompiled VOC compiler, and truncated MinGW bundle, necessary for its operation. The compiled programs are “native” Windows applications and do not require additional DLL files to work.

Free Oberon is part of a larger project, which includes writing a series of textbooks on programming, creating educational materials, and the development of a native Oberon compiler and other programs with the aim of developing informatics as science and popularizing it as science among programmers and students.

Free Oberon, version 0.1.0


  1. To install on Windows, unpack the ZIP archive and run FreeOberon.exe.
  2. To install on GNU/Linux, refer to README.md or to the documentation.

Game of Life with colors made in Free Oberon
Game of Life with colors made in Free Oberon

Additional Information

The source code of the user programs are stored in the Programs directory, and the executable files are stored in the bin directory. To compile, a script file is used: data\bin\compile.bat (on Linux: data/bin/compile.sh), which you can edit if you like.

Please read the documentation to get used to the interface of Free Oberon more quickly. The editor can be switched to windowed mode, using the combination of keys [Alt+Enter], copy and paste can be done using [Ctrl+C] and [Ctrl+V]. The program trapped in a livelock can be stopped by pressing the [Ctrl+Break] key combination. Among others, the following modules are available: In, Out, Strings, Files, Math, Graph.


Please write your questions and wishes to freeoberon@yandex.com