Free Oberon Library Reference


Welcome to the Free Oberon Documentation!

On the side there is a list of available modules. Click on the module name,

to see the documentation for that module.

First, take a look at the console input and output modules:

In Out.

Other modules:

Random — Generator of pseudorandom numerical sequences.

Files — Handling files as byte or literal streams.

Texts — Handling files as text.

Graph — The programming of graphical applications.

Strings — some procedures for handling strings.

Int — the conversion of integers to strings and vice versa.

Reals — the translation of real numbers to a string and vice versa.

Utf8 — translate strings between UTF-8 and UCS-2 encodings.

Time — The current time and date.

Dir — A list of files and directories.

Args — command line arguments.

Env — Environment variables.

OV — Oberon Vision, a graphical user interface running in the terminal.

This is what the Free Oberon development environment is based on.

TermBox — a terminal as an array of colored characters.